Welcome to Personal Development at CodeYourFuture

Why Personal Development?

At CodeYourFuture our aim is to empower people to change their lives by giving them the tools to have a successful career in tech.
We choose to work with people facing massive barriers to employment. Learning tech skills alone are not enough to become employable. These barriers can interfere with students/trainees being able to fully engage with what we teach and learn effectively.
These issues can manifest themselves in a variety of ways related to their
  • Home life
  • Family life
  • Financial situation
  • Housing situation
  • Legal status
  • English language skills
in addition to their own levels of personal development.

What can we do?

We developed the Personal Development Team and the PD curriculum in response to these challenges. We work in conjunction with the Education team to help students/trainees manage their learning. But we focus on the personal aspects (confidence, communication, teamwork) which are key to effectively learning any new skill.
In this website, you will find practical information about supporting our trainees with their personal development and individual circumstances.
Depending on your interest and experience you will find a role to suit you. Some are better for new volunteers whilst others are targeted at experienced volunteers.
This is a living document. Expect it to change and grow over time. If you'd like to suggest an enhancement or change please speak to Candy DeRoy.

Existing Resources

How to Edit this Website

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To get access speak to Candy DeRoy or Chris Owen or on Slack in the Personal Development channels.
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