Welcome and Induction
The session introduces the expectations we have for CodeYourFuture Trainees, the technical and employability skills they will develop and the support available during the course.

Prior Knowledge

All trainees should have completed the Fundamentals Module.


Make an effort to mark the achievements of the trainees up to this point. They completed ITC and Fundamentals. Some people never wrote a line of code before that!

Session 1

Goals and Expectations (20 - 25 mins)

  • To identify trainees goal(s) for being on the Full Stack CYF course
  • To highlight the expectations CodeYourFuture has for it's trainees
  • To Introduce the concept of progressing from students on the Intro to Coding and Fundamentals courses to being Trainees on the Full stack Course

What do Developers do? (20 mins)

In this section we'll explore how a professional behaves and thus how we expect trainees to behave, underscoring the name change to trainee developer


  1. 1.
    Brainstorm together in small or large groups imagine all the day-to-day activities and behaviours of a professional software developer
    • You might want to use a Miro Board
  2. 2.
    Once we have we have a large list, invite them to think about whether they do all those things already
  3. 3.
    Discuss how to change things so they begin to do more and more of those things highlighting that practice is the way to develop

It's time to do an SDOT analysis (20 mins)

Writing a SDOT analysis.
20 Minutes: Think about the key areas that you want to improve on by some introspective work and writing your own personal SDOT analysis:
Strengths: What are you great at?
What makes you personally stand out from other people?
What positive comments do people say about your strengths?
What are your greatest achievements?
Developments: What skills do I need to work on?
Where do you need to improve? I.e coding
What holds you back? I.e motivation
What key habits do you want to overcome?
What do others say about your development areas?
Opportunities: If I invest my time in my technical skills, I will land a good job..
Who can help me achieve my goals?
What can I do differently to other people that makes me more employable?
How can I go the extra mile?
How can I make opportunities happen for myself?
Threats: What could stop me from achieving my career goals?
What do I need to stop doing now?
What's out of my control that I can’t change?
Feedback form
Trainees, Session leads and TA's please fill in this feedback form with your views on your experience of the day. It helps us to know what worjked and what can be improved! https://forms.gle/XQn2JdSkMCdsULkB7​