HTML/CSS - Effective Communication
This PD day takes place after the Html/CSS) Module. Trainees will focus on communication skills essential for a developer.

Prior Knowledge

All trainees should have signed the Student Agreement.
All trainees should have completed PD Day 1
All trainees should have completed PD coursework
All trainees should have recieved feedback on their Honeycome cell 'Working With My Team'

Session 1 (30 mins- 1 hour)

4Ls Retrospective: Liked, Learned, Lacked, & Longed for -

Revisit Agile Methodologies presented in PD Day 1 - Honeycomb session. Start the day with a retrospective on the past 4 weeks PD skills development only.

Session 2 (45-60mins)

Developer skills - Critical Thinking


Session 3 (30- 60 mins)

FindYourVoice - Empowerment Storytelling

4 workshops designed to facilitate confidence building through drama activities
  • use as after lunch icebreaker activity
  • should have done sessions 1 & 2 during Fundamentals; session 3 during PD day 1

Sesssion 4 (45- 60 mins)

Teamwork/ Collaboration Skills - Active Listening

Session 5 (30 -45 mins)

Honeycomb Feedback

Now build on the information gained during the retro and evaluate the feedback given to you for the 'Working with my team' cell.
Look at your feedback results and discuss in your Buddy groups how much you have develped the habits in this cell.
If you do not have enough feedback then you need to ask more people for feedback before you can move on to another Honeycomb cell.
If you have enough feedback and feel like you are ready to move on the next cell, then the you will be introduced to your next set of habits.

Session 6

Independent Practice- Coursework introduction

Remember, there are 2 separate Google Classrooms. 1 for technical coursework and another for PD coursework. See the coursework for this week here.