Day 3 - Preparing for the Workplace
This PD day takes place after the JS 1 Module. Trainees will be introduced to important skills needed for the workplace.

Prior Knowledge

All trainees should have signed the Student Agreement.
All trainees should have completed PD Day 1 and 2
All trainees should have completed PD coursework
All trainees should have recieved feedback on their Honeycomb cell 'Working With My Team'

Session 1 (40 mins- 1 hour)


In a futurespective, we imagine that we’re in the future, and we look back to past events.
  • To look into the future your upcoming work, projects or events
  • To decide what your goals are
  • To imagine what success will look like
  • To figure out what could cause them problems

Session 2 (30 mins- 40mins)

Developer skills - Asking good questions and getting the right help

  • To introduce trainees to the ways developers learn on the job
  • To introduce tainees to the resources available to developers for getting "unstuck"
  • To teach trainees how developers ask questions when they need help

Session 3 (30 mins- 45mins)

Guest speakers- CYF Graduate and Employer:

Importance of PD and relevance to getting a job/graduating

Session 4


  • To introduce what is meant by "professionalism"
  • To show why professionalism is important both at CYF and in a work setting
  • To convey what behaviors are expected of a professional

Session 5

Brag Diary

  • To introduce the idea of knowing your strengths and achievements
  • To show how useful keping a Brag Diary will be when doing job interviews and answering competency questions
  • To further develop self reflection skills

Session 6

Diversity and Inclusion

  • To raise awareness of trainee's biases
  • To help help trainees uncover behaviours which limit opportunities for themselves or others
  • To help create an inclusive community at CYF

Session 7

Honeycomb Introduction - Maximising my time cell and feedback

  • To introduce the benefits and barrier to managing time effectively
  • To identify techniques to manage time effectively
  • To identify and reflect on maximising my time habits

Independent Practice- Coursework introduction

There are 2 separate Google Classrooms. 1 for technical coursework and another for PD coursework. There will be PD assignments every week so please check both Google Classrooms. See the coursework here.