These are the core assignments you need to complete after PD Day 4 - Presentation Skills

Resilience (Read, Write,

  1. In your Learning Journal, write down achievements that you are most proud of. Write why you feel proud and what did you to to achieve those things.

  2. Post one of your achievements in your student area on Google Classroom.

Find Something Funny Activity (Do over the course of the week)

Laughter has been found to boost resilience. A study evaluating humor induced positive psychology interventions identified the benefits of incorporating daily humor activities to induce laughter reduced depression and increased joy for participants, even months later (Wellenzohn, et. al., 2016).

Spend 10 minutes each day for 7 days on the following exercise:

  1. Write down the three of the funniest things you have experienced, seen, or heard that day. Provide detail and note how they made you feel. If you can’t think of anything, do an online search for funny stories or anecdotes. Social media can be a good source for funny material.

  2. Write down why you found it funny. The more specific you are, the more effective the exercise will be.

  3. Write these three funny things at the end of your day. Doing so will foster a new habit and may help you absorb the emotion more as you are going to sleep.

Roles in Tech (Do, Read, Write)‌

  1. On your own, choose 3 to 5 roles from the session that sound interesting to you and do some research on Google and YouTube about those roles. Write down a few notes about each role, such as what interests you, what you might like about that role, what questions you have about the role, etc.

  2. Of the roles you researched, choose the top 2 or 3 that really stand out to you. Using LinkedIn, find 2 or 3 people who work in your area doing the jobs you're interested in. Reach out to them and ask for an informational interview using the template we came up with during the Group Practice activity. (Do not sign up for LinkedIn Premium Free trial right now!!! Do that after graduation when it will be more useful for you)

  3. Go to 2 to 4 informational interviews within the next 4 weeks and take notes on your conversations. Be ready to share your notes with the group in your Buddy groups or in our next PD Day.

Pitches and Presentations (Read, Write, Hear, Do)‌

  1. Take your notes and turn them into a one-minute talk :

    • what worries you

    • how you’ll beat that

    • what you’ll achieve

    • what you want to do after graduation

    Make sure you follow the guide presented in the workshop

  2. Pair-off with another trainee that has a different work-style to yours based on the Leadership Compass.

  3. Organise a time to work together.

  4. You will then ‘pitch’ your to each other your 1 minute talks.

    Make sure to include what action you have taken so far and what help you still need.

  5. Give each other feedback on your pitches.

  6. Prepare to present feedback at next PD Class.

Leadership Compass (Read, Write, Do)

Write in your Learning Journal a refelctioon on the Leadership Compass activity by answering these questions:

  • Did you identify skills and strengths you would like to enhance?

  • How can you build on those skills to help you adapt to others around you?

Honeycomb feedback (Do, Read, Write)‌

Go onto the Honeycomb platform and complete your self assessment of Presenting for Success cell.