Day 5 - Preparing for the Job Market
This PD day takes place after the React Module. Trainees will learn about the CYF process of getting a job and the tools to support getting into a new career.

Prior Knowledge

All trainees should have completed PD Day 1, 2, 3, and 4
All trainees should have completed PD coursework
All trainees should have received feedback on their Honeycomb cell 'Presenting for Success'

Session 1 (20 mins- 25 mins)

Engaging Games (No icebreaker needed beforehand)

    To build group cooperation, focus, and concentration
    To encourage active participation
    To demonstrate the importance of each individual in the group
Session plan is here.

Session 2 (30 mins- 40mins)

Guest Speaker - Understanding how the CYF job process works

    To help trainees learn about the steps to employment
    To highlight CYF's role in the employment journey
    To highlight trainees role in their employment journey

Session 3 (50 mins- 1 hour)

Job Application Workshop

    To help trainees learn the steps in the job search process
    To guide trainees on how to find companies and roles that right for them
    To support trainees in reading and dissecting a job advert

Session 4 (45 mins- 1 hour)

Visibility in the job market- Social Media and Self marketing

    To help trainees learn how to use social media platforms to search for jobs
    To support trainees in developing networking techniques
    To support trainees to develop their social media presence for professional visibility

Session 5 (30 mins- 40mins)

Developer Skills - Agile and Scrum intro

    To help trainees learn about the importance of Agile
    To help trainees identify their current coping habits
    To support trainees in developing resilience strategies

Session 6 (30 mins- 40mins)

Honeycomb Introduction - Learning From Failure cell and feedback

    To help trainees understand that failure is a learning opportunity
    To introduce trainees to the habits that are needed to recover from setbacks

Independent Practice- Coursework introduction β€Œ

See the coursework here.


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