Day 6 - Interview Skills
This PD day takes place after the Node Module. Trainees will learn about the CYF process of getting a job and the tools to support getting into a new career.

Prior Knowledge

All trainees should have completed PD Day 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5
All trainees should have completed PD coursework
All trainees should have recieved feedback on their Honeycomb cell 'Learning from Failure'


Make an effort to mark the achievements of the trainees up to this point. They have completed almost all the learning modules. They have made thier CV's and now they are ready to prepare for interviews!!!

Session 1 (20 mins- 25 mins) (Only do 1 activity if you have a very full day planned)

Engaging Games (No icebreaker needed beforehand)

    To promote empathy and connection
    To build visual focus and concentration
    To facilitate non-verbal connection
Session plan is here.

Session 2 (30 mins- 40mins)

Developer skills - How to do a competency based interview

    To introduce trainees to effective interview techniques
    To provide opportunities to practice having a remote interview

Developer skills - How to do a Technical Interview

    To have trainees understand what employers are looking for in a technical interview
    To have trainees learn about how to approach a coding challenge
    To allow trainees practice in talking through their coding challenges

Session 3 (45 mins- 1 hour)

Experience Bank

    To reintroduce the STAR method of answering competency based questions
    To examine the common competency based questions asked about communication, teamwork, organisation, and problem solving
    To allow trainees to practice answering and get feedback on these types of questions

Session 4 (40- 45 mins)

Mock Interviews

To gain confidence through practicing interview techniques

Session Session 5 (30 mins)

Honeycomb- Interview skills


Session Session 6 (30 mins)


    To allow trainees to reflect on the day and discuss with each other in small groups
    To highlight what interview tips they found were most useful
    To identify any key takeaways they will use for their group employability program
      refer back to group session document (

Independent Practice- Coursework introduction β€Œ

There are 2 separate Google Classrooms. 1 for technical coursework and another for PD coursework. There will be PD assignments every week so please check both Google Classrooms. See the coursework here.
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