Day 1 - Learning to Learn

This first week of the Full Stack course introduces CodeYourFuture Trainees to the technical skills they will be learning over the next 8 months and ways to optimise their learning process.

Prior Knowledge

All trainees should have completed the Fundamentals Module.

Session 1

From Students to Trainees (10 mins)

Introduce the concept of them progressing from being students on the Intro to Coding and Fundamentals courses to being Trainees on the Full stack Course.

  • During PD days we will be highlighting appropriate professional behaviours and attitudes.

  • Have the group take 1 minute to think of their definition of a 'student' and that of a 'trainee' (no Googling!)

  • Write them on a space set up with two columns on your class Miro board

  • Ask them to highlight which word they feel more closely embodies a professional person

  • End by saying ‘you are a trainee, that means you are training to be a professional. Thus you should behave in a professional way’.

What will you learn in this course? (25 minutes)

Schedule of the year (10 mins)

Go through the course calendar and highlight what happens and when.

Additional Support Roles (10 mins)

  • Introduce the roles of the PD and Ed teams

  • Introduce the roles of the PD and Ed Buddies (tell them they will meet their buddies next week)

  • Study groups (mid week)

Session 2

What do Developers do? (20 mins)

In this section we'll explore how a professional behaves and thus how we expect trainees to behave, underscoring the name change to trainee developer


  1. Brainstorm together in small or large groups imagine all the day-to-day activities and behaviours of a professional software developer

    • You might want to use a Miro Board

  2. Once we have we have a large list, invite them to think about whether they do all those things already

  3. Discuss how to change things so they begin to do more and more of those things highlighting that practice is the way to develop

Session 3

Learning to Learn Together (35 mins)

Next, we'll be covering the best ways for us to learn together.


Session 4

Growth Mindset (45 minutes)

  • Introduction to Growth Mindset

  • Learning Journal


Session 5

Find Your Voice (20 mins - 60 mins)

  • 4 workshops designed to facilitate confidence building through drama activities

  • use as after lunch icebreaker activity

  • should have done sessions 1 & 2 during Fundamentals

  • if you didn't, start with session 1

Session 6

Introduction to Honeycomb - CodeYourFuture Habits (60 minutes)

  • How to give and receive feedback (20 mins)

  • Intro to the habits

  • How to use the Honeycomb environment (demo the Honeycomb Platform)


Session 7

Independent Practice- Coursework introduction

There are 2 separate Google Classrooms. 1 for technical coursework and another for PD coursework. There will be PD assignments every week so please check both Google Classrooms. See the coursework here.