Career Mentor Role
Career mentors give 1 to 2 support to trainees with their career development. You help them through the process of preparing for the job search to applying for roles and then moving into employment.
How long is my commitment?
    Last for 6 months
    Start at beginning of Node/ Database modules and continue for 3 months after Demo Day/graduation
Who will I be supporting?
    2 mentees
What do I need to do with my mentees?
    Support two trainees with help on their career journeys
    Help with goal setting, identifying the personal and technical skills needed for junior dev roles
    No support with technical homework or questions
How frequently do I need to meet with my mentees?
    Meet with your mentee at least twice a month (1-1.5 hours per session, you can meet more frequently if agreed with mentee)
What else do I need to do?
    Help facilitate mock interviews for trainees in CYF cities (3 hours)
    Attend mentoring induction workshop (1-1.5 hours)
    Fill in mentoring feedback form (15 mins once per month)
    Join Career Mentors Slack group for support (ask questions and contribute suggestions when able)
    Join mentoring feedback call (once every 3 months for 1 hour)
    Review other trainees CVs and give feedback
    Work as part of project teams during Final projects and post graduation projects to support your mentee soft skills development
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